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Née des Archives

Résidence au Mobilier National

«Nées des Archives» is a collective of artisans,  artists and designers who’s working on creating an evolving and eco-responsible clothing collection during their residency at the french Institution Mobilier National in Paris. 
I worked as jewelry designer and artisans doing most of the visual creation work. 

MN Nuit
Extract from an editorial produced during the residency 
Artistic direction + photography 

Art & Creative Direction :Camille Gasser & Milon Milon / Tapestry Weaver :Camille Mouchet & Margot Parcillié / Accessories designer : Leila Rejeb & Milon Milon / Scenography : Yohann Leroy /Performer :Lucile Cornet-Richard & Fanny Sauzet /3D Artist : Valentin GilletSpecial thanks to  Adèle Parcillié & Victoire Witdouck